Instantly reduce the risk of damage to pipelines by installing bellows from Truco South Africa. With an extensive stock holding, our customers benefit from immediate availability across South Africa and Africa.


Our bellows feature:


  • High resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Ability to absorb vibration and sound
  • Reduce pressure pulses within the pipework
  • Manufactured from precision moulded rubber
  • Provide floatability and facilitate movement in the pipework
  • Warranted against inferior quality material and bad workmanship


Truco South Africa’s range of bellows:


  • Flanged Bellows
  • Union-type Bellows
  • Slurry Bellows

Flanged Bellows

Flanged bellows / rubber compensator bellows provide flexibility in pipelines and facilitate movement in the pipes without damaging or cracking the system.


Truco South Africa’s flanged bellows are vibration and noise-reducing. They are rubber-reinforced with a synthetic polyester cord and are compression moulded to the highest levels of accuracy and safety.


Union-type Bellows

Union-type bellows from Truco South Africa connect misaligned pipelines. Designed with a unique twin-sphere construction, it facilitates greater flexibility in pipelines than regular, single-sphere bellows.


Compression moulded and joined by union heads and screw-in threads, our union-type bellows absorb the elongation and contraction of steel pipes caused by variations in temperature. They prevent the piping system from cracking and reduce vibration and noise for all types of steel pipes.

Slurry Bellows

Truco South Africa offers a range of slurry bellows that act as an expansion joint compensator for large bore hose. They are ideally suited to applications where standard bellows wear too quickly.


This range of customised, wear-resistant bellows is manufactured according to your specifications. Slurry Bellows are designed to solve unique problems on site due to their:

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