Steep Incline Rubber Conveyor Belts

Truco South Africa’s steep incline rubber conveyor belts provide terraced belting with fabricated sidewalls and cleats for maximum conveyance efficiency over inclines; no transfer points, no spillage and maximum utilisation of space.


We supply a range of cross-stabilised steep incline conveyor belts to the mining and construction industries across South Africa. We can cut and splice your steep incline conveyor belt according to your unique specifications

Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor Belt Skirting

Truco South Africa’s conveyor belt skirting prevents material spillage and provides critical direction of the load for centre alignment of the conveyor belt.


Conveyor belt skirting rubber is supplied in shore hardness of 50 and 65. The product is available in variable dimensions to suit all skirting requirements. Skirting rubber prolongs conveyor belt life spans significantly and prevents material spillage onto the conveyor belt.

Pulley Lagging

Truco South Africa’s large diamond Pulley Lagging increases conveyor belt grip. They are available in 1, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 m roll widths.


Our Pulley lagging caters for both low and high demand applications – reducing premature wear and increases conveyor belt grip. Precision moulded pulley lagging is available in 60 or 70 shore hardness. Pulley lagging is supplied in 10m rolls.

Conveyor Belt Idlers

Conveyor belt idlers from Truco South Africa assist in applying angles to the belting to achieve different surcharge angles up to 45° C.


Conveyor belt idlers provide motion to a driven conveyor belt. It also assists in applying angles to the belting to achieve different surcharge angles up to 45° C. We supply leading trough, return, anti-seize, anti-run back, impact and rubber disc return idlers for our entire range of conveyor belts.

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