Truco South Africa supplies slip-on flanges for its range of industrial rubber hoses. Our flanges are manufactured from high-grade, durable carbon steel – making them ideal for highly abrasive, high-wear applications.


Features of Truco South Africa’s flanges:


  • Flanges bolted into industrial rubber hose
  • Easy flange installation
  • Provides connectivity to all pipework types
  • Flanges available ex-stock


Our flanges are designed for pipework from 40 mm – 1 000 mm nominal bore. Custom size flanges available.


Ex-stock flange drillings sizes available:


  • Table D flanges
  • 10/3 flanges
  • 16/3 flanges

Reusable Split Flanges


Truco South Africa’s reusable split flanges are ideal for connecting new hoses; joining hoses to steel pipes; and joining rubber hose to HDPE pipe. Reusable split flanges are made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy.


They have 2 halves with an internal helix that corresponds to the spiral on the outside of the hose. The couplings are designed for fast, simple fitting with no special tools required.


Features & Benefits:


  • Working pressures of up to 1000 kPa
  • Available for hose sizes ranging from ID 50 mm to 610 mm
  • Eliminate the need to stock various hose lengths with built-in flanges
  • Reduce operational downtime
  • Compatible with all major flange standards
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Simple, fast pipe connecting with our flanges.
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