Hose Clamps

Truco South Africa’s range of hose clamps with custom-made end fittings features bolted hose clamps (for large bore sizes) and two piece hose clamps (for smaller bore sizes). All our clamps are manufactured from high-grade steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.


Features of our hose clamps:

  • Easy installation with simplistic, effective designs
  • Rapid, secure coupling and decoupling
  • Manufactured from high-grade steels
  • Our hose clamps are re-usable
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • ISO 16949: 2002 certified

Bolted Hose Clamps

Featuring easier installation and simple designs, our bolted hose clamps require no welding or extra equipment, thereby reducing downtime. Our bolted hose clamps are designed with the screw set recessed into a round trunnion. Bolted hose clamps are equipped with a guide to prevent the clamp from damaging the hose.


Manufactured from high-grade steel, carbon steel and stainless steel construction, our universal hose clamps cater for all larger clamping applications in the marine, mining and chemical industries.

Two Piece Hose Clamps

Our range of two piece hose clamps are designed for narrow assembly conditions for all small bore rubber and PVC hoses. Designed with flexibility and ease of operation in mind, our two piece hose clamps protect all hoses against damage. Designed for secure clamping from ½” to 1″ with custom sizes available.


Key features & benefits:

  • Custom sizes available
  • Allow for rapid and secure coupling and decoupling
  • Ideal for small bore rubber and PVC hose

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