Security Bags & Seals

Truco South Africa stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality security bags and security seals that are an essential consideration for any business that transports large sums of money or valuables. Our innovative range of products provide a safe, secure, tamperproof and reusable method of transporting and storing valuables.

Security Bags

Truco South Africa’s security bags are manufactured from
PVC coated nylon, with double stitching, high quality zips
and a patented tamper evident seal.


The bags are available in a range of standard colours and sizes.
They can be customised to include company colours and
corporate logos.


Any circumstance that requires documents or valuables to be
secured can benefit from Truco SA’s uniquely designed PVC
nylon bags. Our security bags are re-usable, highly durable
and offer consistent protection throughout their lifespan.
And your recurring costs for new bags are lowered as well
as reduced environmental waste.


Truco South Africa’s range of security bags include:


  • Cash bag with chamber and seals
  • Flat style, long edge zip
  • Key wallet- pouch style
  • Reusable document and personal effects bag
  • Vehicle toolkit pouch
  • Flexibuild sort units

Security Seals

Security seals are required in almost every application where anything of value needs to be transported or stored. From sea & air freight containers to casinos, restaurants to laboratories, high-security seals provide an extra layer of protection against tampering and theft.


A large variety of high quality indicative security seals and tamperproof strap devices are available from Truco South Africa. We offer plastic seals, metal seals, cable seals, and indicative seals with varying levels of protective functionality. We can also laser brand seals with your company information.


Each seal has a unique design that will reveal evidence of tampering in the event of attempted removal. By using serial numbers, codes and colour coding Truco South Africa ensures that seals cannot be duplicated and eliminates the possibility of human error. Barcoded seals come in various types, such as pull-tight, cable, bolt, strap, and plastic padlock seals.


When used in combination with our security bags, an ideal level of additional security can be implemented to help deter and prevent unauthorised access to stored and transported valuables.


Truco South Africa’s range of security seals include:

Ultra seal

  • Bulldog
  • TruStrap
  • MegaStrap
  • Pulltite seal
  • High security bolt/ barrier seal
  • Cable seal
  • Marketwise stickers and labels
  • Twist tite seal
  • Cash bag seal
  • Identibands / wristbands
  • Sealing strip /tie material
  • Sealing wire and lead seals

Truco South Africa: Your supplier of high quality rubber & PVC products, security bags & seals.


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The Truco South Africa Promise

Truco South Africa continues to evolve its service and product offering to best serve the needs of our customers.


We are committed to having competitively priced, high-quality, customisable products like our security bags and seals.


We guarantee excellent turnaround times and will courier our products anywhere in the country. Our short lead times and commitment to customer service gives unparalleled peace of mind.

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